Benchmark Green IT 2024

The 2024 edition of Benchmark Green IT, is now open for registration! Join our collective operation and get ready to onboard your IT into your Sustainability journey!

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Invitation to join the next Benchmark Green IT edition, to know more about the environmental footprint of the Information System

Last news

October, 2nd 2023: Anne Rabot and Frédéric Bordage opened the registration to the 9th edition of our Benchmark Green IT 2024, during the presentation of the 2023 report (in french)

October, 19th 2023: Anne Rabot and Auban Derreumaux hosted a live online presentation in english of the results 2023 and information about the organisation of the edition 2024. Video recording and presentation deck are freely available.

Until end-december 2023 : registration period for all Organisations to engage in the next operation

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Information System environmental impact assssement 2024

Benchmark Green IT 2024 will be the nineth edition of a story started in 2016 by

This joint operation aims for participating Organisations to build a complete Green IT assessment of their Information System:

  • Evaluating environmental impacts
  • Assessing their capability maturity for IT Sustainability practices
  • benchmarking with participating peers
  • raising an action plan

The process is based on the screening life cycle assessement, supported by the assessment tool of Resilio and the unique impact factor database Négaoctet.

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Supporting Partners

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Join the Benchmark Green IT 2024

Registration is open to any European Organisations, any size, any sector, any industry.

If you aim to kickstart your sustainable IT journey and to perform your first environmental impact assessment of your Information System, you are at the right place! Join the next edition of Benchmark Green IT!

Contact the Benchmark team or one of our partners and join this great collective operation!

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