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BGIT news

September 2023 : Benchmark Green IT 2023 report went live during an exclusive presented for its participants!

October, 2nd 2023: Anne Rabot and Frédéric Bordage hosted the online presentation (in french) of the report Benchmark Green IT 2023. They also open the call for participation to the next edition, the 9th, starting in january 2024, and shared information about how to join.

October, 19th 2023: Auban Derreumaux and Anne Rabot hosted the online presentation, in english, of the results of the 8th edition. They also shared information about the 9th edition starting in 2024 and how to join!

November, 24th 2023: Anne Rabot and Frédéric Bordage will host a new live presentation (in french) of the 2023 report and share information to join the next year edition!

October-December 2023: Register your Organization to participate to the Benchmark Green IT 2024

January 2024: Kickstart of the 2024 edition of Benchmark Green IT!

BGIT in a nutshell

The purpose

Originally initiated by Frédéric Bordage in the early 2010’s, it has then been endorsed by the “Club Green IT” in 2014. The first public report has been published in 2016.

The mission of the Benchmark Green IT is:

  • Evaluate the impacts of any Organisations: make it affordable for all Organisations to measure and quantify environmental impacts of their Information System, to evaluate their maturity to the subject. Then, they can benchmark with their peers. Finally, they get the opportunity to kickstart a digital sobriety journey, thanks to a structured, data-driven approach.
  • Make evaluation reliable and objective within a European and international framework: the evaluation framework of environmental impacts lies on open, standardized, shared, renown, methodology – LCA and European PEF
  • Promote digital sobriety: Trigger awareness within European Organisations by quantifying environmental impacts of digital, hence to accelerate adoption of digital sobriety

The study

Each year since its inception, participating Organisations have the opportunity to evaluate sanitary and environmental impacts of their Information System, through European standard-, science-based approach.

The study measures the World standard 16 indicators of environmental and sanitary impacts, e.g. the Global Warming Potential (GWP) lying on the Greenhouse Gas (GH) emissions (“Carbon footprint” as measured in GHG protocol and similar inventory methods), non-renewable resource depletion (ADP), water use (WU), Land Use (LU), ionizing radiations and particles emissions (IR), etc.

“Benchmark Green IT” is the only study based on international standards:

  • Screening Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (ISO 14040/44
  • Recommendations from the European Commission (JRC) in the context of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) standard
  • Product Category Rules (PCR) published by the french environment agency ADEME extending the PEF

The data used to compute impacts are provided by Nego Octet, the only database with homogeneous impact factors in accordance with the above mentioned standards available worldwide.

The Benchmark toolbox

The environmental impact modeling relies on work of Frédéric Bordage within the Green IT collective “collectif Green IT”. The application, developed by the collective member Resilio, enables the participants and their supporting experts of the collective to perform the evaluation in a easier and reliable manner: thanks to this unique product in Europe, the data for the inventory and the maturity assessment are easy to collect, impacts are easy to compute and results are rendered in a friendly way, using sheets and visuals.

This tool is currently the only one compliant with the standards: LCA, PEF, etc. 

BGIT in practice

Who “Benchmark Green IT” is for?

Any company, non-for-profit, NGO or public agency, who aims to know the environmental footprint of its Information System, is welcomed to join our collective process.

What is the plan?

Data collection

Each participant produces the inventory of the IT hardware and equipment (workplace environment, network, data center) and involved flows (electricity consumption, IT department staff travels and commuting, quantity of printed paper, etc. Your supporting expert will assist longside this collection stage. You will record all data into the tool.

Calculations and analysis

The Green IT expert collective performs the review of your data and submit for validation; the environmental footprint of your Information System is computed; Result data in are then analysed and main source investigations are performed to prepare your individual presentation and recommendations. Finally, aggregated data is digested to produce the public report, presenting digital footprint trends of the edition.


Once all calculations and analyses are finalised, the Benchmark Green IT team provide the results for each participating Organisation, which includes:

  • The evaluation of the environmental footprint of its Information System
  • the maturity assessment results
  • the ranking for main KPIs relative to participating peers
  • Top recommendations to kick-start your digital sobriety journey

The Benchmark Green IT team publishes a summary of consolidated evaluations and organises presentations:

  • With each participating organisation (performed by the supporting expert)
  • Open for public for the edition digest


  • October-December: registration of participating organisation for the following year edition
  • January-March: data collection and inventory
  • April: data review and validation
  • May-June: Compute, analysis and investigations of the environmental footprint and sources
  • June-July: Individual presentation of the given results and recommendations
  • September-October: Public liveshows of the results of the study


Participating Organisations are guided and assisted by a dedicated expert accredited by the Green IT collective. The expert guides you during the whole process and assists your to implement your tailor-made adoption to digital sobriety throughout your Organisation.

You can count on:

If you reside in a third-party country in Europe, contact us.

Participation fee

When you participate in Benchmark Green IT, the pricing is based on your size, turnover/budget and type of entity (public / non-for-profit, private). The collective aspect of the operation lies on mutualised resources and efforts: the price is therefore very competitve for a complete Green IT evaluation (environmental impacts and footprint, maturity assessment, benchmark, recommendations), compared to a similar tailored project.

In a nutshell, this joint operation is a great opportunity to initiate your cost-friendly Green IT journey!

BGIT, since 2016

Some figures

  • 8 editions
  • 65 participating organisations
  • 4 countries

They participated

Aéroport de Paris (ADP),  Airbus,  Aperam,  Belfius,  Bic,  Bolloré Logistics,  CA-GIP,  CDiscount,  CNFPT,  CNR,  CRB,  Decathlon,  Dell,  Econocom,  Eden Red, EGIS, Agile Partner, Amersport, Axa Luxembourg, Banque de France, Banque de Luxembourg, Communauté de communes Maremne Adour Côte-Sud, Consort Group, Easy Cash, Enedis, EPFL, Française des jeux (FDJ), France Media Monde, Gemalto, Grenoble Metropole, Groupe Bel, Groupe ESG, IAD immobilier, iCDC, Ifremer, Interstis, ITC-CE, Kiabi, La Poste, Lactalis, Leroy Merlin, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), L’Occitane en Provence, Luminus, Maïf, Malakoff Humanis, Moët Hennessy, Natixis, Parlement Européen, Pôle emploi, PwC, Réunion des Musées Nationaux – Grand Palais, Roole, RTE, Scor, SFIL, SGS, SNCF, Société Générale, Solocal, Tenergie, Ubisoft, Ville de Genève, Ville de Grenoble, Vinci Energie


Contact and Registration

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From October to December, we organise several online events to present the annual report of Benchmark Green IT, check the calendar for more details.