Catégorie : Conférence

Benchmark Green IT 2023 (report) and 2024 (information)

Le 19 octobre 2023 de 12h30 à 13h45

Online presentation of the results of Benchmark Green IT 2023 (8th edition) and information about the next edition of Benchmark Green IT 2024 (9th edition):

  • Thursday, 19th October 2023
  • 12:30-13:45
  • online, link sent after registration

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Benchmark Green IT is the only standard-based assessment in Europe in accordance with market and European standards. It enables Organisations to assess the whole life cycle with multiple environmental impact indicators and their maturity, making it comparable. Benchmark Green IT is also the most mature operation as it is the 8th exercise.

First, we will present the results of Benchmark Green IT 2023 (8th edition) and the main changes related to the shift to cloud, the raise of equipment reuse practices, etc.

Finally, you will discover how Benchmark Green IT works, what is new for the 9th edition, starting next year, and how to join Benchmark Green IT 2024!

Benchmark Green IT is the unique European joint operation, enabling participating Organisations to:

  1. Assess the environmental impacts of the Information System in its entire life cycle (LCA – ISO 14040/44 and PEF compliant)
  2. Assess the organisational capability maturity, based on the standard best practices framework provided by the Club Green IT
  3. Benchmark the environmental footprint and the maturity of each participant with its peers