Benchmark Green IT 2023

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October, 2nd 2023: The results were presented live during the event hosted by Frédéric Bordage and Anne Rabot.

October, 19th 2023: English live session hosted by Auban Derreumaux and Anne Rabot, the video record and the slide deck are available here

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Information System environmental assessment 2023

Benchmark Green IT 2023 is the eighth edition of‘s annual assessment since 2016.

The goal? providing a complete Green IT assessment of the participating Organisations:

  • Compute environmental impacts of their Information Systems
  • Evaluate the maturity of their Sustainable IT capabilities
  • benchmarking
  • Recommendations to design an action plan

The assessment applies Screening-Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standards, supported by the Resilio Tech platform and the impact database Négaoctet.

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This year, 12 Organisations, from private and public sectors, participated to this joint operation. They are located in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. They represented to multiple industries: insurance, media, banking, retail, consulting, culture, utility, academic research and digital services. 

Benchmark Green IT 2023 public deliverables


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