Catégorie : Conférence

Green 2019

Du 27 octobre 2019 au 31 octobre 2019

GREEN 2019, The Fourth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies is scheduled from October 27, 2019 to October 31, 2019 at Nice, France.


Hot research/industrial areas
– Improving Green-ness
– Eco-Design-energy efficiency
– Green-oriented protocols, computation and services
– Circuitry for energy harvesting and scavenging
– Underwater energy harvesting
– Energy harvesting from stall flutter limit cycle oscillations
– Ultrasound acoustic wave energy transfer and harvesting
– Ocean wave vibration energy harvesting
– Atmosphere monitoring and Green-technologies for Environmental Challenges
– Remote monitoring the batteries
– Battery materials and mechanisms
– Hybrid solar energy – thermal energy – wind energy
– Energy storage
– Grid-oriented energy systems
– Vehicular pollution
– Electric/hybrid vehicles
– Harvesting of marine microalgae/agricultural crop for biodiesel production
– Power distribution grids
– Optimal planning in smart cities and smart meters
– Green-ness incentives
– Green-ness education and motivation

– Green-aware engineering methodologies
– Green and sustainable computing
– Green computing and communication technologies
– Data-aware greed computing
– Energy-efficient computing and supercomputing
– Intelligent signal processing for Green communications
– Green cloud computing
– Green computing and Internet of Things (IoT)

– Energy Harvesting Communications
– Energy-efficiency for 5G Networks
– Energy-efficient Data Centers
– Energy-efficient Data, Services and Memory Management
– Energy awareness in Big Data Processing and Storage
– Energy-efficient Protocols and Networking
– Green Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Communications
– Smart Energy and Smart Grid
– Power Quality, Power Electronics and Electric Machines
– Smart Grid Applications: Grid-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Grid, Micro-Grid
– Renewable Energy Generation and New Energy Sources
– Pervasive Energy Services

Green technologies and services
– Smart Sensing, Metering Systems, Smart Cities
– Green Vehicles, Green Homes, Green Buildings
– Green Industrial Automation and Control
– Green Intelligent Transport Systems
– Green Technologies for Mobile, Wireless, Wired Industrial Networking
– Green Data Storage, Data Centers
– Privacy, Safety, and Security in Green-aware Services
– Energy-constrained and Power-constrained Devices, Gateways and Systems
– Green Standardizations and Benchmarks for ICT
– Metrics for Sustainability and their Validation
– Ecosystem Modeling