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LieuNew Delhi, India
DateDu 26 octobre 2009 au 27 octobre 2009

International Conference on Heavy Metals and E-waste

As India embarks on a route of fast economic growth, environmental concerns are increasing. Environmental degradation from rising toxicity, waste, and contamination of soil, water, air and resulting health deterioration are becoming important challenges. Amongst heavy metals, Lead and Mercury in particular have taken priority as they have wide usage and serious health and environmental impacts.

Toxics Link will hold a two-day International Conference on Heavy metals and E-waste in India on 26-27th October 2009. This conference will attempt to bring together important international and national expertise and other stakeholders on the issues to collaborate on the development of research, policies and management strategies to direct the future.

The objective of the conference will be to enhance knowledge and capacity building on Lead, Mercury and E-waste in the country and the South Asian region.

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